CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day

The recession is affecting us all in different ways: we may be concerned about our jobs or our mortgages, we may have cut back on our foreign holidays or eating out, we may be wondering how public spending cuts are going to affect our school. All these are legitimate concerns and we are right to feel angry with those whose reckless pursuit of money has caused this financial crisis. But for the poor in the third world the situation is much bleaker. There the recession is a cause of hunger before it is a cause for anger. Families who have worked hard to earn meagre wages and a modicum of stability find those things now completely imperilled.

That’s why today we need to step aside from our concerns and think of those who are in much greater distress. CAFOD’s Harvest Fast day gives us the chance to show our solidarity with those have been hit hardest of all in the present crisis. We may now have less but they are lucky to have next to nothing. As well as digging into our purses and wallets we also have to dig into our consciences: is it right that the world’s resources are so unfairly shared. In a little while the politicians will be canvassing for our votes in the General Election. We need to ask them how they propose to make Britain, but more importantly, the world fairer and more just. P.D.

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