Saints for the Week

St Margaret of Scotland, St Elizabeth of Hungary, St Hugh of Lincoln

We have a rush of medieval saints to celebrate next week. On Monday we can observe the feast day of St. Margaret of Scotland renowned for her devotion to the poor. The next day we can celebrate another royal Queen noted for doing the same, St. Elizabeth of Hungry. On Thursday we keep the feast of St. Hugh of Lincoln, great bishop of the English city and revered in his own lifetime as a man of outstanding holiness. All three lived in the early part of what we now call the Middle Ages and all three are still held in great love and esteem in what became their native land.

November is very much the time when we think of the departed and, as the year sinks into winter, about mortality and decay. But as Christians we think about those things in hope and in confidence. We celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection every time we honour the saints. They are not dead and gone but alive and active. They pray for us on our journey. We need to seek their prayers but also follow their example. They may have lived in different centuries but they inspire us still.

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