Christ the King

On Sunday the Church’s year draws to its close with the triumphant feast of Christ the King. This is the feast that establishes so many important facts: Christ is the supreme ruler of the universe; Christ is the conqueror of sin and death; Christ is the one to whom the whole of creation owes loyalty and service. But it also tells us much about ourselves. We are called to reign with him, to share his victory over the power of evil, to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

We do these things in union with him. Through his power we are able to turn around the reign of sin in our lives. In his body the Church we are called to build a better, truer and more just society than the one in which we live. The Church is called to be a counter-sign to the ways of the world. It is a critique of earthly politics and power. At certain times in history men and women have been called to give their lives to show that the state and human society are not the highest authorities. These martyrs as the advance guard of the kingdom of heaven. They remind us that Christ is the King. On this feast let us pray that our lives may show that we too know where our loyalties lie.

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