St Joseph

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph. Although the bible does not tell us a great deal about him what we are told reveals a tremendous amount about this wondersful man. The first thing to note is that this was the man who God entrusted to be the foster father of his own son. We see from the stories we have before Jesus was born that Joseph was a ‘just man’ but whose justice was tempered by compassion – he does not wish to expose Mary publicly. He was a also someone who put the needs of others ahead of himself – think of the flight into Egypt. In addition he was also very observant of his religions faith.

St. Joseph has traditionally been seen as a model for Christian fathers, and what a wonderful role model he provides for young men today. We live in a society obsessed with rights and a world that seems to reward the brash, pushy, and selfish. Joseph stands in stark contrast. Here is a real man who shows all the manly virtues of solidity, self sacrifice and courage. May he pray for us all, but especially for Christian fathers entrusted with the vital work of educating the children in the faith.

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