Weekly Reflection

June 7, 2013

After working our way through Lent and then Eastertide, followed by Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi, we finally arrive back in Ordinary Time again. Over the next few issues we will be focussing once more on the lives of the saints. One thing is clear – there are no ‘typical’ saints. They come in all ages, all colours, all races; from rich backgrounds and poor ones; some were incredibly well educated others were illiterate; a number were kings and queens many more were peasants; some had walked with Christ himself while others lived just a few years ago; some were renowned in their own day while others died in obscurity; popes and priests, mothers and fathers, monks and nuns can be found among their number. The one thing they had in common was their holiness, that total commitment to Jesus that just took over their lives. And the amazing thing is that we are called to follow them: we can’t say that sainthood is ‘not for people like us’ because there are people like us who have been saints. But the even more amazing thing is that the saints are acutely interested in us and in us becoming one of their number. That’s why they pray for us constantly and why we should turn to them frequently. We all have our patron saints covering our names, our nationality, our work and our concerns. Let us turn to them. Saints of God, pray for us. P.D.