Easter Season

Last week someone wished me ‘a belated happy Easter’. I had to point out that he was well in time as we are now in the midst of our Easter celebrations. In fact they continue for fifty days – a week of weeks in which we celebrate, ponder and proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.

The readings for these weeks, especially the Sunday ones, take us to the heart of the mystery. We hear of the accounts of the disciples encounters with the risen Jesus, but we are also given much to think and pray about to embed the new life of the resurrection into the life of the Church. The resurrection is not an event in the past, though it is historical, but very much a present reality.

As we gather to celebrate the Mass we are gathering to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The same is true of all the other sacraments. But it is also true of the Church’s communal life. Our caring and our loving are signs of the risen Christ in the world. The new life of Jesus is not on offer in the future but here and now. We are called to that life.


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