Eastertide Reflection

As well as the fifty days of Easter that we celebrate in the Liturgy, we also have the month of the May to celebrate over the next few weeks. May has always been seen traditionally as the month of Mary and some of our older hymns speak of it in that way.

After the resurrection Mary is found with the apostles praying and rejoicing. She, who had seen her son die in agony on the cross, was now able to share in the resurrection of that same son. In her Assumption that sharing becomes total. Mary is a sign of the power of the resurrection at work among Christian people. The resurrection is not just something that happens to Jesus it is shared with us too.

One of the beautiful traditional chants of Eastertide brings all these sorts of thoughts together. The ‘Regina Caeli’ is a prayer that we should all know and one that children can quickly learn. It can be found in any Catholic prayer book or in our hymn books, in Latin and in English. In it we invite Mary to rejoice because her son is risen as he promised. And we ask her to pray for us.


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