St Bernardine of Siena – Wednesday 21st May

The saint whom we celebrate on Wednesday was renowned for his eloquence. St. Bernadine of Siena was born in Italy in 1380 and died in Aquila in Italy in 1444. His holiness was so renowned that he was quickly canonised within a few years of his death.

St. Bernadine inveighed against the evils of his day and was known as a powerful and forceful preacher. He followed in the line of others of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries who were keen to attack the corruption and complacency that they detected both within and outside the church. St Bernadine was keen to call the people of his native land back to their Catholic faith. He realised that faith as well as charity need to begin at home, and was acutely aware that there was little point in preaching to non-Christians when so many who thought of themselves as Christians lived lives that were anything but.

We too live in an age that is complacent and thinks that it knows – and easily dismisses – what Christian faith is all about. We too will need to be eloquent like St Bernadine but we will need more than words. Our actions too should show our faith. May his prayers help us to be convincing witnesses to the truth.


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