Lenten Reflection 2

This weekend we celebrate the Second Sunday of Lent. We have to locate and understand the readings and liturgy in the context of what we heard last week. There we saw Jesus tempted, here we see him glorified. There we saw him in his human state, here we see his divinity revealed.

But this is not just about Jesus. It’s about us too. The readings of last Sunday and this tell us who we really are as well. We are tempted but we too can share in the divine life. The difference lies in this: what Jesus is in his nature we are by grace. He is God’s eternally begotten Son. We are God’s adopted children.

The proof of this adoption is not in a piece of paper or in a court decree but rather in our baptism. At the font we were reborn as God’s sons and daughters. This is why Lent is a time when we recall our baptism and renew that new life. Lent is also the time when those who are seeking to join the Church at Easter are prepared for the new life it brings.

At the Easter Vigil we will renew our baptismal promises. We will be sprinkled as a sign of that wonderful sacrament in which we became in truth and in fact the sons and daughters of God, the coheirs of his Kingdom.


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