Lenten Reflection

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent. As with every other year the readings this weekend and next should be taken together. This Sunday we see Christ tempted, and next Sunday we see him transfigured. This tells us both about the Lord we believe in, but also about the people we are called to be.

In today’s gospel we see the devil displaying all his wiles to outwit Our Lord as he tries to tempt him into sin. Jesus is robust in his replies. He sees through the devil and drives him away. During the liturgy of baptism, and at the Easter Vigil, we are asked him we reject Satan and all his empty promises. We can be confident of doing so, not because of our own strength, but because Jesus has overcome the devil for us. If we rely on him and on his grace then we too can dismiss Satan and his false promises.

Our Lenten observance is aimed at strengthening our faith and our love. We undertake fasting, prayer and almsgiving so we can see more clearly where the truth lies and where falsehood lurks. As we begin our Lenten journey let us take heart from Jesus, true God and true man, who is tempted but does not fall.


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