Easter Triduum

March 22, 2016

This weekend is the most solemn and sacred in the Church’s year. We are celebrating the passion, death and resurrection of Christ: the mystery which lies at the very heart of our faith. The Liturgy speaks to us of past events and engages us in present reality. We are not just recalling but reliving the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. We are sharing in his death so as to share in his resurrection.

The Liturgy is replete with this symbolism. Take just two aspects. On Friday we will kiss the cross. In so doing we are not just venerating our crucified Saviour, we are also embracing our own share in the cross of Christ. On Easter Eve we carry candles not just to celebrate the resurrected Light of the World but to emphasise that we are that Light in the world today.

These days are wonderful in the proper sense of the word. They take us deep into the essence of our faith. What we celebrate every Sunday is unfolded in an even more dramatic way. We proclaim to all who will hear that Christ has died for us, risen for us, and shares his life with us. Alleluia!