Christ the King – 26th November

The Church’s year comes to its glorious climax this weekend as we celebrate the beautiful feast of Christ the King. So much of the Liturgy focusses on past events, though it is always at pains to stress what these mean for us today and how they are life-chaining events. But this feast focusses on the future. At the end of time Jesus will come again and judge all peoples. He will then establish the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

When we look around the world today we see so many states that are run for a tiny handful of the privileged. We see countries in which there is little or no justice or peace. We realise that cruelty and hardship still abound. The feast of Christ the King tells us that this will not last for ever.

When Christ comes again his kingdom will be one of justice, love and peace. It will be a place where all are truly equal and all truly loved.


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