The Presentation of the Lord – 3rd February

Tomorrow we celebrate the lovely feast of The Presentation of the Lord. The feast marks 40 days since the celebration of Christmas. It recalls the time when Christ was brought to the Temple by Our Lady and St. Joseph. The holy old woman Anna realises the presence of the Saviour while the holy old man Simeon cannot contain his joy and proclaims that this child is the Light of the World.

Picking up on this latter insight during the Liturgy candles are blessed as a sign of the light that overcomes the darkness. With the evenings still dark and cold these speak of the warmth that will soon be arriving but also, more importantly of the kindling of the Easter Fire and Easter Candle which speaks of Christ’s glorious resurrection.

Our worship is not just words, it utilises action and material things as well. Look around on this feast and see how your fellow worshippers faces are irradiated by the candle light. We are called to be reflections of the Light of Christ in our world today. It is a world that has many dark places but into those Christians plunge to bring the good news: this child is the Light of the World. P.D.


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