The glorious seven week celebration of Easter finally draws to a close this weekend. But it ends not with a whimper but a bang – the Big Bang of the Holy Spirit in the great feast of Pentecost. The Church does not descend into torpor but rather is invigorated to carry out the mission given to her by Christ himself: to proclaim the gospel and make disciples of all the nations.

The Holy Spirit is given constantly to the church. The outpouring of the Spirit is not a one off event. And we too, especially through the sacrament of confirmation, have received the same Spirit that descended on Jesus at his baptism.

From its very start the Church has grown in leaps and bounds, often in the face of dire opposition. When her enemies have been crowing over Her defeat God has found new ways to renew Her. And it is always through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The saints who we celebrate week by week were the chosen vessels of the Holy Spirit. In a myriad of different ways they have made the gospel alive for the people of their day.

We are called to follow those saints and do the same. And the same Spirit has been given to us for that task.

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