Weekly Reflection

This weekend we enter the ‘Ordinary Time’ of the Church’s year. Perhaps that’s a bit of a misnomer as nothing in our life in Christ is ‘ordinary’, in the sense of dull at least. It’s a time when we grow and develop as Christians. And the saints are our examples and guides during this period.

The saints, as we have said many times before, were ‘ordinary’ men and women who became extraordinary because they allowed Christ into their lives completely. They were transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are called to be exactly like them. We can’t say that we cannot be because we are only ordinary so were they.

As we go through this period we will be looking at their lives and struggles so that we can see how we can imitate them, how we can learn from, and how we can become more like them.

But the saints are not just examples they are also advocates who pray for us and plead our cause. That is wonderful to know. We are not alone in our struggle to become better Christians we have this great crowd cheering us on to victory. The Communion of Saints is not some abstract doctrine but a wonderful reality at the centre of the Church.


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