All Saints & All Souls – 1st & 2nd November

Who knows where all the nonsense about ‘Halloween’ comes from. It’s obviously a money making ruse by supermarkets and others. It’s also peculiar in that it trivialises one of the great taboos of our age: death.

It’s all a far cry from the feast we keep on Thursday – All Saints, and the commemoration we make a week today – All Souls.

The great feast is a celebration of the reality of the resurrection. We remember all those holy men and women who across the centuries and across the continents have lived their lives so closely with Christ that they now enjoy his life for ever. And the wonderful is – we are called to join them.

And the even more wonderful thing is that through the ‘communion of saints’ we enjoy their friendship, help, and prayers in this life now.

As Christians we don’t believe in spooks and ghouls and witches. We believe in one who is risen from the dead. One who shares that risen life with us here and now in the sacraments. One who saves us from death.

Let’s share this with the children in our care. Let’s teach them to know and love the saints. Let’s encourage them to pray to the saints. And let us all remember that we are on our earthly journey to meet them in heaven.

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