Palm Sunday

This weekend we begin our celebrations of Holy Week with the beautiful liturgy of Palm Sunday leading us into the contemplation of the very heart of our Christian faith. This liturgy like all liturgies commemorates events in the past – but it is not solely that by any means. It also effectively makes present the saving reality of those past events and points us to their completion in heaven.

On Palm Sunday we are not engaged in some holy pantomime trying to pretend that we were present in Jerusalem nearly 2,000 years ago. We are rather celebrating what it means for us and our lives. Similarly with Good Friday and Easter Eve we are not pretending that we were there at the foot of the cross or empty tomb. We are celebrating the fact that we too pass from death to life by the power of Jesus Christ.

Every Mass is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ. Holy Week, especially the Easter Triduum at its end, gives us an opportunity to enter more fully into the mystery at the heart of our faith.

Listen to the words, and watch the symbolism of these few days. They will tell us what how we are saved, how we should live, and what our future hope entails.

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