Lenten Reflection

We are in the middle of the most important and solemn celebrations of the Church’s year. Last night we recalled the institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood as we celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. We then watched with Christ.

Today we remember the death of Jesus in the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. This is no mere commemoration of an event in the past. It is a powerful proclamation of the effects of that death in the lives of believers.

Tomorrow we are caught up into the power of the resurrection as we take part in the Easter Vigil. In words and in symbols we show what the new life of Christ means. We hear the word, we bring light into the darkness, we renew our baptismal promises, and we eat the Bread of Life.

These three days are the highpoint of our Christian life. All that we do during them shows what we believe and what we are. The words and actions reveal our faith in the crucified and risen Lord.

These are wonderful days in every sense of the word. They take us deep into the heart of our faith. We are not merely remembering, we are actually participating in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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