We have noticed before how the resurrection changed the disciples from a group of frightened cowards into a group that was fearless in their proclamation of the gospel, even at the cost of their own deaths. The resurrection transformed the first followers of Christ in all sorts of other ways too. They were confident that Jesus was with them, and that he empowered their actions and teaching.

On Tuesday we celebrate the feast of St. Matthias. We read the account of his election to join the Apostolic band in the Acts of the Apostles. What is clear is that Peter and the rest were quite confident that they could chose someone to replace the traitor Judas. They had the power to do so, and moreover the power that they had could be shared.

It did not matter that Jesus had not chosen Matthias in his earthly ministry – He was choosing him now through the decisions of the other Apostles. The same confidence we find again and again in the New Testament as the early church decides what Jesus meant by his teaching and how they should bring the gospel to peoples of different cultures.

May St Matthias pray for those who guide the church today, that they may have the same confidence that the risen Christ is with us and leading us. P.D.

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